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Cecilia's Tips on Baking with Janie's Mill Sifted Artisan Bread Flour

Cecilia's Tips on Baking with Janie's Mill Sifted Artisan Bread Flour

By: Cecilia Gunther (Read Bio)

Cecilia's Tips on Baking with Janie's Mill Sifted Artisan Bread Flour


One of the staples in my recipe development fridge is Sifted Artisan Bread Flour. I call the Janie's Mill Sifted Artisan the Sifted Sister, because Sifted Artisan Bread Flour is the sifted version of the Artisan Blend Bread Flour; lighter and springier. It is a very versatile flour which is why I always have some on hand

The Artisan Blends are a blend of a Hard Red Spring Wheat (high protein bread wheat) and a Hard Red Winter Wheat (a low protein wheat). This gives us a flour that has a medium gluten development, medium crumb and a mild flavour. This medium gluten development is great for a long ferment as it slowly develops in the refrigerator overnight. 

Because this is a blended flour our millers are able to maintain the protein levels at or close to: 11.7% (max. 12%), so time after time you will have a reliable loaf of bread.   

Sifted Artisan Bread Flour makes a lovely sandwich loaf. Here is a recipe is for a sandwich loaf.  Sifted Artisan is also great for Focaccia or flat breads where you want a good open crumb and the perfect crust. I have bakers who use it to make anything from tortillas to croissants so you see what I mean about versatile. 

Do not knead the Sifted Artisan Bread Flour too much. It is a finely ground flour, and 20% of the particular matter, in the form of bran, has been sifted out.  Stone ground bran has sharp edges which can knick the gluten strands so I encourage you to stretch and fold your dough instead of vigorous kneading. Three or four stretches and folds in 60 - 90 minutes is plenty before it goes in for a long proof. 

Go here for a lovely recipe for challah using the Sifted Artisan.

For those of you using Bread Machines, Sifted Artisan Bread Flour is the best. Make sure to set your machine to the least amount of kneading possible.  Stoneground flour in a bread machine will always result in a slightly heartier loaf. Many bread machines knead the dough for too long so if you can adjust the cycle to a light knead that would be great. 



Sifted Artisan Bread Flour is good for:

Sourdough bread, yeast bread, dinner rolls, bagels, tortillas, croissants, baguettes, sandwich loaves and much more.  


Keep in mind that the stone milling process slowly and finely grinds the bran and wheat-germ into the flour. Plus our flours are purely organic; no conditioners or bleaches or pasteurizing or whitening treatments so your bread and cakes and cookies will be a natural light caramel colour and each of the wheats gives a different hue. Wheat is fascinating. More on that here.

Keep your flour COLD. We keep the mill at 60F and below, far below in the winter, so storing your flour in the refrigerator or freezer is just about perfect. 


 I am Cecilia - your Customer Care person and Janie's Mill Baker. If you call 815 953 1073 you will reach me or my answer machine and I will be the one calling you back. You have a real Janie's Mill person to talk to so do not hesitate to call or email me at If you are not sure which flour to order. Just ask.  We love to talk baking. 



Posted on February 21 2022