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Stone Ground Rye Flour & Organic Rye Ingredients

Here at Janie’s Mill, all our rye products are milled from organic rye that is grown right here on our carefully tended fields. While each product goes through a different process, they all begin as the same little certified organic rye berries - which you can also buy whole and unprocessed.

In order to provide options for all your culinary needs, we offer product sizes ranging from 1.5 lbs rye flour up to 25 pound packages.  You’ll be able to choose from both light and dark organic rye flour, organic cracked rye, and whole organic rye berries.

Rye vs. Wheat

One of the benefits of rye flour is the additional richness in flavor. When baking things that might call for an earthy or nutty taste, rye truly enhances and brings out those natural undertones. Think of snickerdoodles or gingerbread cookies with an extra flavor boost. 


Rye behaves differently from wheat, including all-purpose flour which is used in many store bought and home-baked goods. These products can be difficult for many people to digest due to the high gluten content. Rye, however, has very little gluten, making them easily digestible for just about everyone.

Gluten is also a structural stabilizer, so without it, baked goods may be softer than anticipated. For this reason we recommend using rye flour for items that are preferred softer or chewer, like cookies, cakes, and breads


Because the chemistry of rye encourages it to retain moisture for long periods of time, baked goods, like rye bread, stay fresh longer than those baked with wheat flour. Even adding some rye flour to your all-purpose flour recipes can help keep items fresh longer.

Rye Comparisons

When thinking in terms of wheat and all-purpose flour, dark rye can be likened to whole wheat because it retains all the nutrients of the berries. Light rye flour is more like all-purpose flour in that most of the bran and germ have been removed. Cracked rye is similar to oatmeal, making this fast-cooking option great for hot cereals, and rye berries are more likely to be boiled and added to soups, salads, and stews for a heartier meal.

Organic light or dark rye flour can be used in a number of recipes, and when used carefully, can replace all-purpose flour. Cracked rye and rye berries are extremely versatile and can be used in just about anything you dream up. Be sure to share your favorite rye flour recipes with us and include pics so we can share them on our page.

Start With a Sampler Pack

If you have not had the opportunity to bake with rye flour, or taste the delicious flavor added to your favorite soup or stew,  we suggest you give it a try - and one of the easiest ways to do this is with our delicious organic rye products is by choosing a sampler pack. Whether you are baking organic rye crackers, organic rye crispbread, or your favorite chunky cookie recipe, we think you will love the results.