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Everyone on the Janie’s Mill team is from our rural East-Central Illinois community, passionate about what we do, and ready to serve you!

Management Team

Harold Wilken

Harold is the man behind the mill, and deeply involved in all aspects of running it. He is a relationship-builder, and much of his time is spent communicating with and delivering to  bakeries and distilleries. Harold is a lifelong farmer who transitioned to organic production in the early 2000s. Harold has been married for 38 years to newly retired teacher, Sandy. In their free time, Harold and Sandy love to travel to Miami to visit with their granddaughter Elise and her parents, Emily and Fer.

Ross Wilken

Ross is co-owner and CFO of Janie’s Mill. He’s great at trouble-shooting problems and dealing with all things mechanical. Ross installed our first two milling systems, and will soon be installing two more. He is also in charge of day-to-day work at Janie’s Farm Organics, including the labor, management, and field operations.

Jill Brockman-Cummings

Together with Harold and Ross, Jill was involved in the research and planning for Janie’s Mill, and has worked on the mill floor from Day One. She oversees all of the Mill’s day-to-day operations — from monitoring quality of grains and milled products, to developing new products, to working with bakers and wholesale customers.

Milling Team

Bre Mathy

Bre directs and manages her fellow millers, maintains production quality, and keeps the mill flow running smoothly. She also conducts floor inventory and organizes the wholesale orders each day. When Bre isn’t running the mills, she enjoys spending time with her family and being outdoors camping, hiking, and boating.

Sergio Carmona

Sergio has worked at the mill since the fall of 2018.  Among his many talents are repairing torn mill screens and other equipment, and winning the Janie’s Mill 2019 Chili Cook-Off. In his spare time, he loves to watch Westerns and make homemade flour tortillas with Janie’s Mill Sifted Artisan Flour. Sergio lives in Onarga with his wife Rubi, and their three children.

Blanca Martinez

Blanca sets the mills, bags thousands of pounds of flour every day, and fulfills orders, among other milling duties. Blanca loves all sorts of cooking and experimenting with new recipes.  She and her husband Zac live on a small farm with sheep, dogs, and a horse. 

Clare Peters

Clare is one of our experienced millers, having worked for us during most of 2020 and 2021. She then took a few months off to give birth and look after her new baby girl. Clare also works on the Retail side as needed. We're happy to have her back on the Janie's Mill Team!

Gina Peters

Gina is one of the people who keeps the mills running all weekend. She also works hard to keep our mill floor organized and clean. Gina loves animals and is a Senior Vet Tech student. When she graduates, she’ll work in a veterinary clinic for a few years, and then move to Tennessee to work on a livestock ranch.

Matthew Balthazor

Matthew has been working at the mill since May of 2018, making him the longest-working employee after Jill.  Matthew is a crucial team member who expertly mills all the grains and has taken on many other responsibilities. Matthew is in his senior year at Olivet Nazarene University majoring in Biochemistry.

Kirstie Fieleke

Kirstie is one of our night team who keeps the mills running during the night. She also bags the flour, grits, and grains to make sure we have enough freshly-milled flour for all our customers. Kirstie enjoys having adventures with her 3 children. She also is a Certified Firefighter with the Otto Township.

Adrian Harwood

Adrian does everything from blending grain, to repairing sifter screens, to wrapping wholesale pallets, to bagging flour and picking and packing retail orders. In her free time, she enjoys training her dog Gus, hiking, reading, working out, and playing guitar.

Jeff Glenn

Jeff brings the grains needed for milling from storage at ProHarvest just down the road over to the mill. Jeff married his high-school sweetheart Marcia 41 years ago, and has lived and worked in Ashkum most of his life, where he is the chief of the volunteer fire department.

Retail Team

Cecilia Buyswheeler-Gunther

Cecilia was raised on a beach in New Zealand. She is in charge of customer care, and loves to bake. She has test-baked with all of Janie's Mill flours, and can help you select the right ones for your baking needs.

Heidi Snapp

Heidi arrives very early each morning to begin packing online orders. She takes pride in precisely fitting whatever you ordered into the shipping boxes so there’s no wasted space, and so your packages arrive looking beautiful. Heidi loves holidays and Midwest summers when she can grill and sit outside around a campfire with friends.

Tracy Heideman

Tracy manages the hand-bagging of grits and grains, maintaining a full inventory for the retail team. She’s also the retail team’s quality control person. In addition, she boxes up 50-lb bag orders to be shipped to our wholesale customers across the country. Tracy is famous for the brownies she makes with our Dark Rye flour!

Dawn Schoolman

Dawn “goes shopping” each morning for 50-lb bags of all the types of flour, grits, and grains that the Retail Team needs to put into retail packages. Dawn lifts the 50-lb bags up into the semi-automatic bagging machine to create 1.5-, 3-, and 10-pound bags of flour. In her free time, Dawn loves to hunt, mow, and take care of her flower garden.

Anna Hickman

Anna has been with Janie’s Mill since the summer of 2019, and quickly learned to do nearly every task. Most mornings, you’ll find her packing flour into retail bags, but she does other packing room tasks and helps out on the mill floor as needed. In the afternoons, Anna furthers her studies in English Literature.

Office Team

Andra Adams

Andra is the Mill’s record-keeper and paper-chaser. Among her many other duties is keeping our OCIA Organic and CRC Kosher certifications up to date.  Andra was a Business Instructor at Central High School and now works part-time at the Bourbonnais Park District and at Janie’s Mill.

Renee Behrends

Renee has been the Mill’s bookkeeper since June 2018. When she isn’t busy with our books, Renee loves long walks and spending time with her husband of 36 years, her four children, and three grandchildren. 

Lynne Olson

Among her many duties, Lynne communicates daily with our wholesale customers regarding orders, inquiries, and new accounts, and arranges shipping for pallet-sized wholesale orders.  In her free time, Lynne enjoys spending time with her husband, Mark, and their son, daughter, and new son-in-law.