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Janie's Mill Flour Guide

A general guide to Janie's Mill Flours
In general, our higher protein flours are best for yeast and sourdough breads. These include our best-selling High-Protein Flour, Whole-Kernel Bread Flour, Artisan Blend Flour, and Italian-Style Pizza Flour.

Janie's Mill lower protein flours are best for cakes and pastries. These include Frederick Cake Flour, Silky Smooth Pastry Flour, and Frederick White Wheat Flour. 

Medium-protein flours such as our ever-popular All-PurposeSifted Artisan, and ancient-grain Spelt Flour are very versatile and can be used for many different baked goods.

You can get creative by using some ancient and heritage grains and flours, as well as rye, buckwheat, corn, and cracked grains to add flavor, nutrition, and texture. We encourage you to use this graphic as a general guide, and to then experiment with all of our flours and grains to find the ones you like best for your favorite cake, cookie, muffin, bread, and other recipes!

With Stone-Milling, You Get All the Goodness in Every Grain

At Janie’s Mill, we combine the time-tested technology of stone-milling with modern science and the miller’s art.

Our stone mill gently crushes all parts of each grain at cool temperatures so that the nutrients in the bran and germ are retained.

This means that you get all the nutrients of the whole grain in the exact proportions that we humans evolved to eat.

More nutrition translates into more flavor! You’ll taste the differnence in everything you make — from cornbread to cookies to quick breads to artisan loaves!