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Mill Tours

We love welcoming you to Janie's Mill, and sharing what we do, and how, and why!

Our public tours are free and open to all, but you must sign up ahead of time -- see details below.

Tours start at 10am and last about one hour. They are led by Sandy Wilken, a driving force behind the mill -- as wife to one of our co-owners (Harold), and mother to another (Ross)!

Upcoming tour dates are:

  • Wednesday, May 8 FULL
  • Tuesday, May 21 FULL
  • Friday, June 14
  • Thursday, June 20
  • Thursday, July 11
  • Friday, July 26
  • Tuesday, August 20
  • Wednesday, August 28

How to Sign Up for a Tour

To register for a tour, email letting us know which date, and how many people in your party.  We will email you back to confirm, or to put you on our wait-list. Please do not just show up on a tour date hoping to join a tour. If we are full (as we usually are), you will have made a wasted trip and we would hate for that to happen!

(Please note that two potential allergens, wheat and soy, are present at Janie's Mill, although the soybeans are in a separate area and contained.) 

Tour Preview: Stone Milling Makes a Difference!

Stone milling is an ancient art and a modern science. Its key benefit is that the entire kernel of grain is ground so that the nutrient-rich bran and germ are incorporated into the flour instead of being stripped away. This is different than what happens in industrial roller mills that produce lifeless flours that are then often "enriched" with chemical additives. Our flours do not need to be enriched, because they have all the richness that nature put into each and every kernel.

As we feed whole kernels between the stationary and rotating stones of our state-of-the-art Engsko mill, we carefully monitor the temperature of the stones to ensure that they stay cool and preserve all the nutrition of the whole kernel--especially the essential proteins, oils, vitamins, and minerals of the bran and germ. Even our sifted flours contain 70% to 90% of the whole kernel, so no matter which Janie’s Mill flour you use, you get more flavor, and more nutrition!

With Stone-Milling, You Get All the Goodness in Every Grain

At Janie’s Mill, we combine the time-tested technology of stone-milling with modern science and the miller’s art.

Our stone mill gently crushes all parts of each grain at cool temperatures so that the nutrients in the bran and germ are retained.

This means that you get all the nutrients of the whole grain in the exact proportions that we humans evolved to eat.

More nutrition translates into more flavor! You’ll taste the differnence in everything you make — from cornbread to cookies to quick breads to artisan loaves!

Certifications You Can Trust

We are proud to have these three 3rd-party certification seals on every single product that comes out of Janie’s Mill.  They show you that an independent organization has determined that our products comply with specific requirements for safety, quality, and provenance. You can then enjoy Janie’s Mill products in full confidence that they are organic, kosher, wholesome, and delicious!