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Best in Wheat: From Ancient Grains to 25 lb Wheat Berries

Recipes passed down through the family for generations hold personal significance, and they deserve the best ingredients. Likewise, original recipes born of a passion for baking deserve equally high-quality ingredients.

Janie’s Mill understands that kitchen creations are meaningful, and we take pride in providing the finest organic wheat flours, wheat berries, heirloom wheat pastas, and other products. Our ancient grain products include those made from einkorn, emmer, and spelt. We also offer our own heirloom products like red fife flour, organic turkey red flour, and 25 lb. heirloom wheat berries.

Ancient Grains

Simply put, ancient grains are those that have not been hybridized - they are the same grains they were thousands of years ago. Modern wheats are crossbreeds of other grains and are typically not as nutrient-rich. Emmer wheat is one type of ancient grain that was one of the first domesticated crops in the Near East over 10,000 years ago, while Einkorn is said to be the mother of all wheat.

Heirloom Grains

Also known as heritage grains, these too have not been hybridized. They are specific to precise locations, processes, and cultures, and are known for being grown only in these particular regions. For instance, amber durum wheat is known for its use in premium pastas and other Mediterranean dishes. These grains often come with some type of history or lore, making them all the more interesting.

Wheat Berries

While the term “berries” may bring to mind brightly-colored, juicy, bite-size fruit, in the world of grain, a berry is the actual meat of the plant. In some cases they are encased in a hull, requiring an extra step when being processed. The wheat plants that do not have a hull are simply threshed and clean, as the berries are easily shaken loose. Perusing our store, you will find an interesting selection of red wheat and white wheat berries, all of which are certified organic. 

Organic Wheat Flour

Our flour is all stone milled right here on-site, which means you reap the benefits of having the nutrients from the whole grain - bran and germ - included in your flour. This is vastly different from the enriched commercial flour that is chemically enhanced. From organic white wheat flour to bread flour and emmer flour, you will find an unparalleled assortment of organic whole wheat flour options to choose from at Janie’s Mill.

Fresh From Our Farm to Your Table

Our stone milling process guarantees goodness in every grain, with maximum nutritional value and flavor. We love what we do here at Janie’s Mill, and we invite you to taste the difference between our products and standard, mass-produced flours. Cook better, feel better, and live better - select nutrient rich grain and flours from our wide assortment here at Janie’s Mill.