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    Janie's Mill stone-ground organic whole-kernel rye flour delivers not only a rich, hearty taste, but enormous health benefits. Just 1/2 cup of Dark Rye Flour provides 6g of fiber, or about 1/3 of the RDA. Rye is also high in the important B vitamins, as well as crucial minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, manganese, iron, cobalt, copper, zinc, chrome, phosphorus, iodine, and boron.

    European bakers often make a 100% rye loaf that is dense, delicious, and keeps well. You can also add rye to your favorite wheat loaf to boost its flavor and moisture, experimenting with the percentage of rye flour until you get a loaf that matches your desired density and taste. Janie's Mill Dark Rye also makes delicious Brownies and "Whiskey and Rye" Cookies!

  • Great to Use In:

    Rye Brownies, Cookies, and many Breads, including Pumpernickel, Danish Rye (Rugbrød), and Jewish Rye (blended with about 30% Janie's Mill High Protein Flour)

  • Milled From:

    Organic Whole Rye Berries

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    Whole Kernel Flour

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Beth Kulacz
Excellent rye flour

I made this into a rye bread, adding gluten and whole wheat flour - using 75% rye flour. It came out wonderfully. It's tasty and moist, and the dough was quite able to be handled and formed. Aromas were great before and after baking.

Joe Dooley
Love my rye

I use the dark rye to both feed my sour rye starter and in my rye bread dough. Love it

Paul Simons
Great rye flavor

Makes very good rye bread mixed 50/50 with the High Protein Bread Flour.

Katie Miller
Dark Rye Flour

I purchased 4 pkgs. of dark rye flour to use in bread making. I've been making sourdough bread for the past 6 months. This discovery of dark rye flour allowed me to try my hand at sourdough pumpernickel bread. It was absolutely amazing! I'm excited to see what else Janie's Mill has.

Dare I say "aromatic"?

Love this flour. It has what I would almost characterize as an aromatic quality. The bread it produces and particularly my rye currant buns have a wonderfully fruity underlying flavor now, a direct result of using this flour. Highly recommend! :)

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