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    We worked closely with pizza makers (professional and home) to develop this special blend of flavorful organic Turkey Red Wheat and high-protein Hard Red Spring Wheat. Our testers found that this finely-sifted flour (70% extraction, which is as close to 00 as you can get with stone-milling) is perfect for either airy Italian style pizza (with a longer rise time) or crisp New York style pizza (short rise time). And it has the gluten strength needed to support all your favorite toppings! 

    While this flour is perfect for pizza, it’s also great for focaccia, ciabatta, and many other Italian (and non-Italian!) breads and baked goods. Any time you want a highly-sifted, high-protein, flavorful flour, try this one!

    NOTE: This flour, like all stone-milled flours, is not pure white. It is a light beige color because the nutritious germ and some of the bran are present. At 70% extraction, it has our lowest ash content (1.1%) and has a good amount of protein (13.3%). This makes it a good substitute for French T65 flour. Although we never reach the low .65% ash/mineral content of roller milled T65 flour, this flour gives you a similar airiness, plus extra nutrition and flavor!

  • Great to Use In:

    Pizza, Focaccia, Ciabatta, Pane Casareccio, Pita bread, Flat breads, Pasta.

  • Milled From:

    Blend of organic Turkey Red (Heirloom) and organic Hard Red Spring Wheat

  • Protein:


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  • more info:

    Extremely versatile.

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Great for sourdough pizza!

Operate a small pizza place in my town and we began using this flour a while back due to a recommendation from a colleague. It took a bit to adjust the moisture levels from Caputo "00" but once we got it nailed down it's the best dough we've ever had! The rise time is quicker and the dough and sourdough starters we use remain extremely active. The sourdough balls we make hold up well for days before starting to lose their structure and it's all very easy to work with. Great quality flour and highly recommended for a good product!

Denise Graham

We used it to make homemade pizza. It was amazing. The tastes of your flours are delicious. Nothing we've ever tasted before. So thankful for you and your commitment to top quality grains.

Tony Childs
Flavorful and Fine

I love this flour! It's sifted enough to make enriched products like milk bread or brioche, but still flavorful enough to make tasty lean sourdough loaf. In fact, when using this flour for lean sourdough bread, I find that I don't need to add any whole wheat flour to the mix. Due to being highly sifted the flour is also easy to work with. The one thing I would note is that this flour (and all Janie's Mill flours I've tried so far) seem to require a higher hydration than, say, KA bread flour. This is not an issue, but worth noting. For instance, my usual lean sourdough hydration is about 78%, but to get the same result with this flour I increased to 81.7%. I might go even higher next time. I bet this flour would make an amazing pan de cristal.

Final note: I bake exclusively sourdough-leavened products and have found that Janie's Mill's flours tend to have superior (stronger, more complex) flavors compared to other mass-produced, roller-milled brands that I've tried. I love a flavorful long-fermented bread, so YMMV, but I"m sure this flour could easily produce more-subtle flavor profile with a few tweaks to your process.

Chris Rawlings
Where has this been all my life!!!

This is one seriously amazing flour blend for making actual Neapolitan style pizza! I used the "grilled pizza" recipe found under the Recipes tab on the website and a couple of hours later had an amazing dough that made 3 perfect and rather large pizzas! We used the grill as per instructions and it was seriously amazing pizza! The only issue that I had with the entire thing was that I ate all the pizza, thus running out delicious grilled pizza. LOL

Here's the recipe we used:

I can't wait to fire some up using my new Solo Stove Pi for the Solo Stove Bonfire fire pit. :)

Jeffrey Leman
Great addition to pizza flour

Adding 25-30% of this to Capito Blue 00 has given me the perfect balance of taste, density and chew. There is a great flavor to this flour! I have found that more than that % it is more dense and less airy but that may be my recipe. Love where we have landed.

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