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    Our freshly stone-ground organic einkorn flour is soft and airy, with a creamy color and delicate sweetness. Einkorn is the earliest form of cultivated wheat. Its unique flavor and strong nutritional profile, along with its low gluten content, have made it increasingly popular among home and professional bakers alike. Einkorn flour is very versatile, good in both yeast and sourdough breads, as well as in chapati and naan, waffles and pancakes, and shortbread cookies!

  • Great to Use In:

    Yeast and Sourdough Breads, Naan, Chapati, Shortbread, Pancakes, Waffles.

  • Milled From:

    Organic Einkorn (Ancient Wheat)

  • Protein:


  • Extraction:


  • Moisture:


  • Ash Content:


  • Falling Number:


  • more info:

    Whole Kernel. Low Gluten Potential

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Lynn Williams
Fabulous for bread! 5 stars

I love this for whole wheat bread. Add some vital gluten and a bit of bread flour for a terrific loaf! I also use this in my bran muffins!

First try Einkorn bread turned out great

I made some Einkorn bread using an internet recipe. The recipe called for all purpose Einkorn flour… I used this one and it turned out great. I am not a very experienced baker, so I was nervous about substituting this flour. Since this is more of a whole grain flour than what my recipe called for, the bread was denser..but still yummy. A great way to reduce gluten easily.

Andrew Topel
May be the best flour in the world.

I make lots of artisan breads and have tried lots of flours. The einkorn has a great freshness and quality to it, I am so glad I discovered this milling company. The flavors are what may make this the best flour I have ever used.
It works great with my sourdough starter to deliver great loaves of outstanding quality.

Paula Woods
Love that Einkorn

Einkorn is a vary flavorful flour which gives depth to bread either by itself or in combination with other flours, Artisan, Red Fife.

Kathleen Majka
Loving the Ancient Wheats

I love using 100% Einkorn and/or Black Emmer the best for non yeasted products as well as adding it to yeasted breads. As a RDN/MPH and mother, my intention for finding a US grown and produced flour was to support smaller organic farmers and avoid the farming practice of spraying wheat with glyphosates before harvesting to promote even drying. On a nutritional standpoint the ancient grains are lower in gluten but higher in protein. For those who do not have celiac or an allergy to wheat but an intolerance to the gluten in modern wheat strains, these ancient grains provide awesome flavor and texture without the discomfort.

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