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    Spelt is an ancient grain that was domesticated around 5,000BC. It has never been hybridized for high yields, and so has retained its wholesome nutrient profile. It is particularly rich in important minerals such as zinc, iron, phosphorus, copper, and magnesium.

    Our whole organic spelt berries may be used as you would wheat berries, in soups, stews, grain bowls and breakfast bowls.

    You may also mill the whole spelt berries into a very versatile flour that may be substituted for All-Purpose flour in cookies, crackers, quick breads, cakes, and pancakes. Spelt's high enzymatic activity also makes it an excellent flour to feed your sourdough starter.

  • Great to Use In:

    Grain Salads, Breakfast Bowls, Soups, Stews, Pilafs, or Home-milled into flour

  • Milled From:

    Organic Spelt Berries

  • Protein:


  • Extraction:


  • Moisture:


  • Ash Content:


  • Falling Number:


  • more info:

    Ancient Hard Red Wheat

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Sophia Monclair

Beautiful berries. They're clean and delicious. Thank u!

Rachel Lee

I use spelt for bread, rolls, tortillas, naan bread and much more. I always get good results and it is always clean and consistent. If you spend $100 you get free shipping so it’s makes it worth it.

Deborah Skovron
Great product but shipping is TOO expensive. Product 5 stars, shipping, 1 star.

We use the cooked spelt to eat as a side dish or a garnish on salads. The product is excellent, clean, very well packaged, and fresh. However, I will not purchase anymore as the shipping fee is much too high.

josette All rights reserved
Spelt Berries

Milling my own grain has been a wonderful endeavor, and the organic spelt berries are working great for my bread and pizza dough. Shipping and delivery has been timely. Very little debris in my last batch. First batch had black seeds in it. I buy the 25lb bag.

If you aren't baking with spelt, you're missing out! It's so yummy, and so much better for the gut.

I hate supporting the big corps,. and very glad to be buying direct from Janies! Let's keep our small businesses alive!

Connie B
Spelt Berries-Wonderful product!

Arrived on time and packaged well. I just made my 1st with spelt and loved it. Will definitely be trying other recipes because I loved the flavor. I've been recently using Einkorn and just love the flavor and looks like Spelt will be another welcome addition. Slowly weening our family off the store bought flours and using these healthy grains. Looks like we'll be going a bit faster because we love the flavors. I've added a sourdough starter made with Einkorn and have been learning as much as possible about that, flours, breads and all kinds of baked 'treats'. Thank you for a wonderful product.

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