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  • Product Info

    Spelt is an ancient grain that was domesticated around 5,000BC. It has never been hybridized for high yields, and so has retained its wholesome nutrient profile. It is particularly rich in important minerals such as zinc, iron, phosphorus, copper, and magnesium.

    Our whole organic spelt berries may be used as you would wheat berries, in soups, stews, grain bowls and breakfast bowls.

    You may also mill the whole spelt berries into a very versatile flour that may be substituted for All-Purpose flour in cookies, crackers, quick breads, cakes, and pancakes. Spelt's high enzymatic activity also makes it an excellent flour to feed your sourdough starter.

  • Great to Use In:

    Grain Salads, Breakfast Bowls, Soups, Stews, Pilafs, or Home-milled into flour

  • Milled From:

    Organic Spelt Berries

  • Protein:


  • Extraction:


  • Moisture:


  • Ash Content:


  • Falling Number:


  • more info:

    Ancient Hard Red Wheat

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Great quality

This spelt is amazing. I have started to use spelt for almost everything and Jannie's quality shows in the finished product. Their grains are always very clean and these berries are so fresh they have the best aroma. Thanks for what you do!

Lesia Petrizio
Love Spelt!

I love making bread with spelt. The taste is amazing, the texture good. You will not be disappointed.

Jim Westhoff
Great for pasta and bread

This spelt is wonderful. I use about 40% spelt in my last pasta and a similar amount in a bread recipe recently. The taste is wonderful, and both came out great. Everything has been a great experience with Janie's Mills. The grain and the customer service are top notch. The key to milling your own flour is to start with great grain.

Outstanding performance

This spelt is a perfect specimen. Clean, well formed, fresh as can be. I make sourdough bread and this baked up superb. All of Janie’s Mills grain is top notch.I mill most of my grain at home so I really see these berries up close and in whole form. I will continue to purchase and am grateful to the farmers and mill workers for such a fine product.

Shirleen Sando
Organic Wheat Berries

I love baking with Janie's Mill's Organic Wheat berries. I mill my own flour for baked goods. The berries are always clean upon delivery, which I cannot say for all companies. Janie's offers high quality berries that taste amazing. A very satisfied customer.

Certifications You Can Trust

We are proud to have these three 3rd-party certification seals on every single product that comes out of Janie’s Mill.  They show you that an independent organization has determined that our products comply with specific requirements for safety, quality, and provenance. You can then enjoy Janie’s Mill products in full confidence that they are organic, kosher, wholesome, and delicious!