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About Authors

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Esther Seha

Esther is a researcher, educator and consultant using food as a medium to create unique approaches to social change. Born and raised in Germany, Esther has transplanted herself to the United States where she is educating, inspiring and supporting minds, projects, and organizations with culinary experiences, idea sharpening, and art. You can find her on Instagram @baker.maker.shaker and at

Terra Brockman

Terra Brockman writes about all aspects of food and farming, and was nominated for a James Beard Award for Seasons on Henry’s Farm. 

Jill Brockman-Cummings

Jill Brockman-Cummings is the Mill Manager at Janie's Mill, which leaves her little time to bake! Luckily, all her daughters are avid bakers so there are always delicious breads and desserts at hand!

Halley Cummings

Halley Cummings is Jill and Will Cummings’ eldest daughter. She works as a software engineer, but is an artist and baker at heart.


Tess Cummings

Tess Cummings is in veterinary school at the University of Illinois, but comes home to the farm fairly often to ride her horse and bake. 


Sylvia Cummings

Sylvia Cummings is yet another talented Cummings family baker. She is currently studying in Berlin, and will likely come home with German recipes to share!

Michael Windlinger

Michael Windlinger is a cottage baker in North Carolina. You can follow him on Instagram at windy.bake.

Cecilia Buyswheeler-Gunther

Cecilia and her sourdough starter Godzilla have been baking for many, many years!