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High-Quality Organic Heirloom Grains

Nutritious, Organic Heirloom Grains and Wheat Berries

In addition to more familiar grains, Janie’s Mill offers a variety of nutritious and high quality heirloom grains that make a fine addition to any pantry. Rich in history and protein, heritage wheat varieties are not processed like conventional modern wheat, and therefore retain more of their natural nutrient volume. 

You might try our stone-ground organic grain flours such as Red Fife or Turkey Red to create a delicious pizza dough, tasty heirloom wheat pasta, or hearty sourdough bread. You might even experiment with heirloom wheat berries to create rustic breakfast bowls or refined soups and pilafs.

Organic Stone-Milled Heirloom Products and Grains

Janie’s Mill offers our organic heirloom grains in individual packages or as a part of our popular sampler sets. Our selection includes iconic varieties such as:

  • Organic Red Fife Heirloom Flour

This heirloom wheat flour is stone-milled from the hard red winter wheat known as Red Fife. It is valued for its rich, intricate flavor and tendency to add a delicate moisture to baked goods. Used alone or mixed with other lower gluten flours, these properties make Organic Red Fife Flour a perfect choice for yeast and sourdough breads, pitas, and artisan pasta dough. Organic Red Fife is a high protein heirloom grain flour that contains 16.8% protein and should be kept in a cool, dry place.

  • Organic Red Fife Heirloom Wheat Berries

Our Organic Red Fife is also available as whole-kernel wheat berries that you can grind at home to create freshly milled flour for a delightful and distinctive taste. You can also cook the berries like rice and use them in hearty dishes such as pilafs or breakfast bowls. Organic Red Fife wheat berries contain 14% protein and should be kept in a cool, dry place for safe storage.

  • Organic Turkey Red Flour

Janie’s Mill high-quality Organic Turkey Red Flour is stone-milled from another hard red winter wheat with robust flavor and superior baking properties. Heirloom Turkey Red can be used alone or mixed with High Protein bread flour for a stronger, more extensible dough, and a higher protein volume, or it can be used in place of All-Purpose flour to make everything from cookies and crackers to quick breads. Turkey Red flour contains 13.1% protein and is best kept in a cool, dry place.

  • Organic Turkey Red Wheat Berries

Our Organic Turkey Red Wheat is also available as whole-kernel wheat berries. Try grinding them at home to make freshly ground wheat flour with a rich flavor and lovely aroma, or boil them whole to use in enriching dishes such as grain salads, pilafs, soups, and stews. Turkey Red Wheat Berries contain 11% protein and are best kept in a cool, dry place for safe storage.

  • Organic Bloody Butcher Cornmeal

The iconic Heirloom Bloody Butcher corn variety is known for its beautiful burgundy and ivory color and sweet, nutty flavor and aroma. Use Janie’s Mill medium-fine stone-ground Organic Bloody Butcher Cornmeal to make fresh and delicious cornbread and muffins, or experiment with cakes, cookies, and hush puppies. It can also be used to create amazing breading for chicken or pork chops! Bloody Butcher cornmeal contains 7.7% protein and is best kept in your fridge or freezer for maximum taste, nutrition, and freshness.

  • Organic Bloody Butcher Polenta/Grits

At Janie’s Mill, we also mill our heirloom Organic Bloody Butcher corn to a medium-coarse grind that is perfect for polenta or grits. It also adds a nice texture and nutty flavor to baked goods such as cornbreads and pound cakes. Organic Bloody Butcher contains 5.9% protein and is best kept sealed and stored in a fridge or freezer for maximum taste, nutrition, and freshness.

Enjoy Quality Heirloom Grains from Janie’s Mill

Here at Janie’s Mill, we take pride in our selection of stone-ground heirloom wheat flour, whole wheat berries, and stone-ground heirloom cornmeal and polenta/grits, which include the entire kernel to ensure our products preserve their complete nutritional volume and natural taste. 

When you shop at Janie’s Mill, you are supporting a family that is passionate about supplying quality grains and stone-milled products at an affordable cost. Feel free to experiment and share any new recipes you create with our products!