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    This sampler contains the same six varieties as in the regular Whole Berry Sampler but each bag is 3 pounds instead of 1.5 pounds — double your pleasure, double your fun!

    • Einkorn Berries (3 pound package)

    • Turkey Red Wheat Berries (3 pound package)

    • Spelt Berries (3 pound package)

    • Glenn Wheat Berries (3 pound package)

    • Warthog Wheat Berries (3 pound package)

    • Frederick White Wheat Berries (3 pound package)

    Add a Janie’s Mill organic cotton bag, and make it a gift!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
An excellent gateway to a new dimension in baking


I happened upon Janie's Mill about eighteen months ago. I was curious enough to order various flours and a few books. I was immediately impressed with Janie's Mill and their products. I recognized that I took my baking to a much deeper and profound dimension in baking breads featuring stone-milled organic flours. I read (e.g. books and internet chat rooms) about folks milling their own flours at home. The concept of milling my own flours fits my temperament very well, enough so that I put a Mockmill 200 Pro mill on my list of Christmas gift ideas. Santa was kind to me!

Nevertheless, I felt as though I was standing at the end of a diving board, but reluctant to take the plunge. I ordered a copy of Tim Giuffi's excellent book entitled "The Fresh-Milled Flour Bread Book". This book gave me the courage to dive into the world of stone milling my flours at home.

I initially ordered Janie's Mill's berry sampler in the 1.5 pound bags. I quickly went through these smaller bags. I am now working my way through the berry sampler in three pound bags. I will be ordering another such berry sampler in the larger capacity bags before too long.

I found that the berry sampler offers a variety of wheat berries to give me flexibility in selecting from an array of bread recipes featuring home-milled flours. Having a variety of wheat berries to choose from allows me to further experiment with flours within any given recipe - e.g. blending two or more different flours.

In summary, I have been very pleased with Janie's Mill's berry sampler in large format bags. The berry sampler has been a gateway to a new-to-me dimension in bread baking. It has also served as a springboard to experimenting with other wheat berries and grains. I could not be more pleased with Janie's Mill's products.

Happy Baking....

Jacob Lane
Better than anticipated

I bought the whole berry sampler with 5 different wheat grains. So far I have milled (using mockmill 100) warthog, Glenn, turkey red, and Fredrick. Fredrick made amazing pancakes you never would have known were whole wheat. I made fresh pizza dough 50% Glenn and 50% all purpose flour. Used the Glenn as a poolish. Dough was great tasting and fantastic crust. What I would say so far about fresh milled flour is the taste is a game changer. No bitterness as you get with store bought whole wheat flour.

Janice Brown
Great sampler package

New to the Fresh milled flour world, this is a wonderful way to determine just what to purchase. So far it is hard to determine a favorite, since I have liked them all! Even a hit with my grandchildren.

Elaine Zink
Try It Now! Sampler Pack

Recently I started grinding my own wheat berries after about a 15 year hiatus. I thought I was gluten sensitive, and I still might be, so I’m searching for grains to try that might be ancient or just something I may not have been aware of before. So I was thrilled to find this sampler pack! I have used the different grains for a great sourdough starter. Although my bread isn’t fabulous yet, I know as I experiment I will gain proficiency! If you are on the fence, just go buy it! These grains are so clean and beautiful. You will not be sorry!

Brandi Cutrer
Great way to try new grains.

I bought this sampler package after buying a 25 lb bag of red wheat that I didn't like at all. I realized all the different strains of wheat taste different. This sample package was just what I was looking for. If not for this package I probably wouldn't have found these delicious red varieties that I love and the white Fredrick which is also delicious. If you aren't sure if you like these wheats then this is the package for you. Or if you would just like to have a variety on hand it is perfect for that as well.

Certifications You Can Trust

We are proud to have these three 3rd-party certification seals on every single product that comes out of Janie’s Mill.  They show you that an independent organization has determined that our products comply with specific requirements for safety, quality, and provenance. You can then enjoy Janie’s Mill products in full confidence that they are organic, kosher, wholesome, and delicious!