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    Red Star® Active Dry Bakers Yeast provides a moderate, steady leavening rate to develop more flavor in all types of yeast doughs from no or low sugar to highly sweetened and enriched. The somewhat slower action of active dry yeast (compared to Instant Yeast) makes it the perfect choice for slow fermentation and refrigerated doughs.

    Active Dry Yeast may be substituted 1:1 for Instant Yeast, but because it has a slower rate of action, your dough may take slightly longer to rise. Simply monitor your dough while it is rising and adjust the time as needed.

    This yeast is designed for use in regular yeast breads, enriched breads, rolls, pizza, sandwich bread, bagels, and more. The vacuum-packed, one-pound (454g) brick will make about 100 loaves. It will keep for years when stored in an air-tight container in the freezer.

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    Your favorite Yeast breads, Enriched breads, Dinner Rolls, Cinnamon Rolls, Pizza, Focaccia, Sandwich bread, Bagels, and more!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Nancy Bradley
Great yeast!

This is the only yeast I will use. Dependable! Easy to use!
Easy to store.

Frederick Georgian

An interesting yeast that makes my bread taste better.

Allison Gjerde
Bubbly bubbly

Wow, this must be the best yeast I've ever used. I never had so many bubbles and my husband and dad both said it was my best batch of bread. I'll continue to buy at Janies

Tabitha Brownell
Great yeast

I bought a brick last April and keep it in the freezer. Just bought my second brick as that one is nearly gone. I love making bread with a starter, but love having yeast on hand for rolls, sandwich loaves, and other sweet treats. It always blooms beautifully.

My Go-To Commercial Yeast

When I am not using natural wild yeast, I use Instaferm for making quick rise breads. I never need to test or prove it, just put it in and go. Lovely rise every time.

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