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Organic Spelt Flour and Einkorn Flour at Janie’s Mill

Janie’s Mill - Our Collection of Ancient Grains

Over the past few years, the use of ancient grains in cooking and baking has steadily increased in popularity due to the abundance of essential nutrients they contain. Janie’s Mill understands this newfound obsession with ancient grains, and for this very reason, we have established a line of health-promoting, ecologically friendly ancient grain flours and berries. 

All of our products are USDA Certified Organic and free of hazardous agrichemicals. Whether you enjoy home-milling your own flour with one of our many varieties of grain berries or prefer saving time by buying our meticulously stone-milled flours, Janie’s Mill has all of your baking needs covered. From the many benefits of einkorn flour to the unique recipes you can bake with spelt flour, you will surely enjoy delving into the world of ancient grains. 

Organic Stone-Milled Ancient Grain Flours

All of the grains for Janie’s Mill flours are certified organic and farmed without using any synthetic  agrichemicals. The grains are run through a careful stone-milling process to ensure that you get all of the  flavor and nutrition found in the whole grain. No matter which of our ancient grain flours you choose for your next recipe, you can rest assured you will be satisfied with their pleasant texture and, of course, their remarkable flavor.

Einkorn Flour

Each type of ancient grain is unique, and einkorn is no exception. As the earliest known strain of cultivated wheat, einkorn has a high nutritional value and warm, rich flavor. Our einkorn flour has a protein value of 16.8%, extraction rate of 100%, and ash content of 1.9%. This means your new bag of Janie’s Mill einkorn flour is packed with every single ounce of the original einkorn berry’s health-enforcing bran, endosperm, and germ. 

Our low gluten einkorn flour is cream-colored, silky, and delicate, with a faint sweetness that is perfect for countless recipes, such as shortbread cookies, and waffles. The unique gluten structure in einkorn flour makes it easier to digest. People often report that their baked goods created with organic einkorn flour does not adversely affect those who suffer from gluten sensitivity. 

Semolina Flour

Our organic semolina flour is crafted in a distinctive way compared to our other flours. We pull our milling stones just slightly away from each other so that, when we stone-grind our tough ancient durum wheat, it becomes the perfect, coarsely milled semolina that many home bakers and professionals refer to as “the pasta flour.” 

This yellow grain is excellent for use in pasta as well as pizza dough, and when combined with Janie’s Mill bread flours, can create the most delicious breads. Sweet and nutty in flavor while flexible and soft in dough texture, our semolina flour has many health-enrichening qualities, such as its 16.1% protein content.

Black Emmer Flour

Due to its ancient Egyptian origins, black emmer flour is also known as Farro Nero, or “the black grain of the Pharaohs”. Black emmer flour contains 100% of the berry’s bran, endosperm, and germ, offering a delicious earthy taste that is great for a healthy diet. Black emmer flour can replace all-purpose flour in your favorite recipes, such as cookies, pancakes, and quick breads, all while adding a punch of essential vitamins and minerals.

Durum Flour

Durum wheat is not only used to create our popular semolina flour; it is also used to produce a distinctive standalone flour. The grain itself is an ancient form of spring wheat that we freshly stone-mill into a hard flour, rich in all of the whole durum berry’s original nutrients. Janie’s Mill Organic Durum Flour contains a protein value of 16% and can be used to make an assortment of mouth watering pizza doughs, pastas, and your favorite bread recipes. 

Sifted Durum Flour

Our sifted durum flour, often referred to as “extra fancy durum flour”, has a protein content of 16.1% and low quantity of gluten, this versatile flour adds a nutritional boost to your homemade biscuits, cakes, gnocchi, and quick breads. You can also replace up to 30% of the bread flour used in your favorite yeast and sourdough breads with our sifted durum flour for an elevated flavor profile and lightly golden color. 

Spelt Flour

Spelt developed in what we now call Iran, and quickly became a popular grain in countries throughout Europe. Despite its travel across the world, spelt has never been crossbred with another species of grain, allowing it to maintain its hard-to-beat levels of nutrients and natural flavor. Even today, spelt is an incredible way to elevate your favorite family recipes. You can substitute it for all-purpose flour when making cookies, pancakes, and quick breads. Since our organic spelt flour has an extraction rate of 100%, you get all of the nutritional value that is found in an original whole grain spelt berry.

Organic Ancient Grain Berries

Many home bakers and professional artisanal bakers prefer to purchase whole ancient grain berries to mill themselves, and we encourage our customers to do just that. There’s something special about incorporating your very own, freshly milled ancient grain flour into your signature dishes. Janie’s Mill berries can also be used whole and make a healthy addition to many scrumptious meals.

Einkorn Berries

As a berry, einkorn resembles rice rather than wheat, which explains why its name means “one-kernel.” Einkorn berries have a protein value of 16.8% and are abundant in many nutrients including phosphorus, potassium, and vitamin B6. Rich in amino acids and antioxidants, these delicious grain berries taste terrific in salads, pilafs, and breakfast bowls.

Black Emmer Berries

Like its flour counterpart, our black emmer berries are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, such as fiber and protein. The whole berries can be put into soups, stews, grain salads, and whatever other dishes you feel could use an added boost of nutrition and hearty deliciousness. 

Durum Berries

Durum berries, which are ground into our semolina, durum, or sifted durum flour, can also be enjoyed whole. With an incredible protein content of 17.8%, Janie’s Mill durum berries make an excellent addition to breakfast bowls, pilafs, soups, and stews.

Spelt Berries

Janie’s Mill Organic Spelt Berries can be used just like wheat berries. Place them in grain salads and breakfast bowls for an added crunch, or stir them into hearty soups and stews to add extra protein to your meal. 

Purchase Your Janie’s Mill Ancient Grains Today

Here at Janie’s Mill, we offer a wide variety of ancient grains for you to incorporate into your favorite dishes. Whether you’d like to try our popular durum or seek out the black grain of the Pharaohs, we are here to make sure all of your recipes are packed full of flavor and nutrients. 

Can’t decide on which organic berry to try first? We have ancient grain whole berry sampler packs available in 1.5 pound and 3 pound bags so you can taste them all. Or, if you prefer, try our Ancient and Heirloom Flour SamplerOrder online today or schedule an appointment to pick up your order at Janie’s Mill by calling 815-644-4032.