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    Professional and home bakers alike love to bake with this special blend of organic hard red spring wheat and organic hard red winter wheat. We stone-mill the wheat and then lightly sift the flour for a smoother texture that's perfect for the crackling crust and airy crumb of baguettes and boules. Although the resulting loaves are light in texture, they are robustly flavored. 

  • Great to Use In:

    Sourdough Breads, Yeasted Breads, Sandwich Bread, Baguettes, Boules, Waffles, Pancakes, Sourdough Starter

  • Milled From:

    Blend of Organic Warthog Wheat (Hard Red Winter Wheat) & Organic Hard Red Spring Wheat

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Shelly Silver
Artisan Loaves!

Like a lot of people, I discovered Janie’s Mill when my local market was always out of KA flour. It is slightly more expensive, but it’s worth it since their flours will take your baking to a whole new level. Our son, who has access to many great bakeries in Brooklyn, says my homemade breads are as good, if not better!
I have used High Protein, Whole Kernel, Dark Rye, Frederick White & Artisan flours,
and they are all good.
Experiment with different blends to see what you like. My average hydration is around 85%, and I prefer an overnight rise in the fridge. I never knead the dough, just use the folding technique. Also, I find it very important to form a tight skin around the dough prior to the final proof.

Scott Pagel
Satiated Sourdough

This flour is my favorite flour to feed my starter with. It keeps it strong and healthy. It will last over a week in my fridge without feeding thanks to this strong, living flour. I love all Janie's Mill products, but the Artisan Blend Flour is a staple in my stock.

Caity Lovett
Fabulous Find

When the flour shelves were bare and my former source had shipping issues, I was prompted to find an alternative source. Thanks to some of my favorite reads, I found Janie’s Mill, started ordering and baking . It was love at first bite. This is my workhorse choice for artisan breads, sourdough rolls and waffles. I have enjoyed all of the flours and grains received. I can now pick up my “old flour” which I might do in a pinch, but Janie’s Mill flours are my first choice.

Tabitha Brownell
A standard for great bread!

I use this flour to feed my starter and use it to make boules and baguettes all the time. You get a crisp exterior and an airy crumb. It's also a go-to when I make rolls as well. So versatile!

Gavrielle Welbel
Great for feeding my starter

Love this flour for feeding my sourdough starter. It always makes my starter happy and bubbly.

Certifications You Can Trust

We are proud to have these three 3rd-party certification seals on every single product that comes out of Janie’s Mill.  They show you that an independent organization has determined that our products comply with specific requirements for safety, quality, and provenance. You can then enjoy Janie’s Mill products in full confidence that they are organic, kosher, wholesome, and delicious!