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Recipes using Janie’s Mill Products

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Chocolate Babka

No one can resist a slice of moist, decadent babka -- especially when made with Janie's Mill Sifted Artisan Flour!

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Moroccan Durum Bread

This easy-to-make yeast bread is great to have on hand for breakfast toast with butter and jam, for lunchtime sandwiches, or to dip into olive oil, soups, or stews for...

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Cinnamon Rolls

Who doesn't love soft, warm, fragrant cinnamon rolls?! This simple recipe gives you and your loved ones fluffy rolls that stay pillowy-soft for days -- perfect for a special occasion...

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Black Emmer Sandwich Loaf

This sandwich loaf is made with the rare ancient grain Black Emmer, which we stone-mill into a 100% extraction whole wheat flour, so it’s delicious and wholesome, as well as...

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Easter Egg Bread

Janie's Mill manager Jill Brockman-Cummings makes this slightly sweet, yeasted bread for breakfast on Easter morning. We suspect that the recipe originates with the Italian side of her family, but...

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Family Sandwich Loaf

 I was asked by a home baker the other day whether I had a recipe that her children could use for toast and that her husband could make into sandwiches...

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Focaccia by Sam Fromartz

Focaccia is a delicious pillowy bread that's perfect for cheese or cured meats, or for wiping up tomato sauce once you've eaten your plate of pasta. Plus, it's very easy...

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Cecilia's Two Black Emmer Loaves

Black Emmer is the most beautiful old-fashioned bread flour imaginable. In fact I think it is my new favorite. It is truly ancient. Digestible and delicious. It will give you...

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